IIG Mondial - Global Investment Integration


G-Group Investments has maintained a highly reputable track record over the past 20 years managing a highly diverse portfolio on behalf of its shareholders – through investments in a range of Class A landmark property assets.

Joondalup group investments

Over the past 20 years Joondalup Group Investments has built a reputation for delivering long-term, predictable investment outcomes. Joondalup Group Investments takes the approach of asset value creation and active asset management across all real estate sectors – resulting in superior returns for our investors.

cotswold group investments

Cotswold Group Investments is banded by a common philosophy – to deliver exceptional investment outcomes for all clients. With over 30 years industry experience and operational knowledge, Cotswold Group Investments is a global leader in providing real estate equity, preferred equity and structured finance investments across all property asset classes.

dubai group investments

Dubai Group Investments has developed strict proprietary investment criteria and analysis to deliver its philosophy – producing market leading returns through value creation and maximization of new and existing real estate and hospitality assets. Dubai Group Investments is continually expanding its diversified portfolio across Middle-East, North Africa and Asia.

brookwater group investments

The core business function of Brookwater Group Investments is to develop and manage iconic resorts, hotels and hospitality assets across Australasia by utilizing deep industry knowledge coupled with over 30 year's experience providing safe high yielding returns for its investors.